Wedding Gifts For Gardeners (13 Unique & Thoughtful Ideas)

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift for your engaged gardening friends? Hoping to skip that generic monetary gift and give them something more thoughtful?

Wonderful! You’ve come to the right place. So put that checkbook away and keep reading.

Today, we’re going to talk about 13 special and creative wedding gifts for gardeners. 

Gardens and weddings are two of my favorite things. That’s why I truly cannot wait any longer to share this list with you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

13 Wedding Gifts For Gardeners: 

  • Garden Sign
  • Arbor
  • Garden Bench
  • Wooden Rope Swing
  • Vertical Garden Ladder
  • Trellis
  • Hammock
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wine Box
  • Watering Can
  • Toasting Glasses
  • Wedding Day Garden Gnomes 
  • Greenhouse

Garden Sign

Okay, this one is absolutely my go-to — without a doubt. 

What could be more thoughtful than a personalized garden entrance sign?

There are so many tasteful options — ranging from custom engraved boulders to hanging metal signs. 

If you’re going for more of that wooden sign look — look no further than the PersonifyGift shop on Etsy! Their stunning, classy signs are handmade with poplar plywood, sealed with lacquer to increase outdoor-friendliness, and made-to-order with your special, personal touches in mind!

Here’s a stunning, customized family garden sign from the PersonifyGift Etsy shop:

garden sign PersonifyGift Etsy
If you think this is beautiful, wait until you see the rest of PersonifyGift’s shop!

Seriously, though. We’re swooning over this garden sign from the PersonifyGift shop on Etsy. The owner of this shop frequently has sales going on that are hard to resist — and even after a sale has ended, you can score 10% off on most items when you use the code LoveIt!

This is just one of the many options you have when deciding on a garden sign gift. The materials you can choose are practically endless. 

I recently purchased a marble garden sign from TheLiliEmporium shop on Etsy. It was a great budget-friendly addition to an array of gifts I picked out for the marble-loving gardener in my life! 

marble garden sign
Here’s a photo of the sign I purchased! You can order a custom marble garden sign like this one from TheLiliEmporium shop on Etsy!

If you’re the crafty type and you’d like to make a garden sign on your own — I say, go for it!

I believe in you. 

On the other hand — if the mere thought of making a DIY garden sign sounds like an accident waiting to happen, that’s no problem either! 

In that case, I would simply recommend conducting an Etsy search for “custom garden signs”. That way, you can browse around until you find a custom sign that best fits the personality of the soon-to-be newlyweds!

Whether you hire someone to do custom engraving, pull out the old wood-burning kit, or grab your paint and brushes — you certainly cannot go wrong with a garden sign for your engaged gardening pals.


This is a gorgeous option — especially since arbors are already so romantic-looking. 

Seriously, it’s no coincidence that the wide majority of couples opt to take photos in front of a breathtaking arbor covered with lush flowers and greenery. 

So, why not invest in a lovely (and practical!) garden arbor that the newlyweds can admire long after their wedding day comes and goes?

Wedding arbors make great wedding gifts that the couple can enjoy in the garden for years to come.

There are so many ways to add your own special touch to a garden arbor. From painting it a color similar to their wedding theme colors — to adding a custom engraved plaque with their first names or surname — you’ll be sure to leave the newlyweds feeling touched by your creativity and thoughtfulness!

If you think a garden arbor is the right gift-option for your soon-to-be married friends, but you aren’t sure which type of arbor to choose, you can read all about the different kinds of arbors here. 

Garden Bench

Here’s another gift that can go right inside (or near) the newlyweds’ garden! 

There are all kinds of attractive options for garden benches. My personal fave is the classic, wooden, park-style bench with lovely cast-iron details!

trees bench
This park-style bench makes a perfect gift and you can even add a plaque to commemorate a special day.

Regardless of what type of bench you choose, you also have the option of adding a special personalization. You could add a shiny metallic plaque, add some painted details, or even have the couple’s names and wedding date engraved into the bench!

Even if you decide not to add any type of customization — the elegance of a garden bench will be a breathtaking wedding gift no matter what!

white garden bench
You can paint a garden bench white to give it even more of a wedding look.

Wooden Rope Swing

Oh, how I love this one. 

Remember those old-school, bench-style wooden swings with the thick pieces of rope on either side of the seat?

Wouldn’t swinging on one of those make you feel like a kid again?!

wooden rope swing
You can personalize a wooden rope swing with an engraving, wood-burned surname, or even a gold or bronze plaque.

Well, if the engaged lovebirds make each other feel young (or if you’ve known them since they were young) — I can’t think of a more suitable gift than a vintage-looking wooden swing for their backyard! 

If your soon-to-be-wed friends have trees near their garden that you know would be perfect for hanging a swing like this — then what are you waiting for?

You can even add a custom plaque to a bench-style swing to commemorate their special day! 

How thoughtful!

Vertical Garden Ladder

This one’s super cool. 

Ladders are quickly increasing in popularity and becoming more and more widely used for indoor and outdoor gardening. 

Vertical gardens are an elegant, trendy way to showcase hanging flowers and plants, or even mason-jar herb gardens!

wooden garden ladder
This shabby-chic garden ladder makes a perfect gift for your gardening newlyweds – especially if you add a personalization.

If a vertical herb garden ladder is weather-proof, the soon-to-be married couple can lean the ladder right against their house, shed, or inside-wall of their porch or greenhouse to showcase the fruit of their green-thumbed labor! 

Even if the garden ladder isn’t weather-proof — these stylish ladders are a clever way to showcase both your personality and your potted plants!

Oh — and of course — you can also add your own personalized twist if you feel so inclined!

(You should know by now how much I LOVE personalized twists!)


This one can be used similarly to the vertical garden ladder. What makes a trellis unique, though, is that it’s particularly perfect for climbing vines — like the ones that curl up towards the sky when you plant peas!

wrought iron trellis
This rustic garden trellis makes a perfect wedding gift for lovers of all things rustic.

You already know I’m going to say it — but don’t forget about that ever-thoughtful option of adding a name or wedding date plaque to make the trellis all-the-more special!


Alright, so you may not have been expecting this one — but if the bride(s) and/or groom(s) have trees close to their garden that you just know would be perfect for a tranquil hammock to lounge in — this is a pretty cool gift!

What a beautiful wedding gift that will be appreciated for years to come!

I can tell you right now, if someone gave me a hammock, it would make for one of the most memorable gifts I had ever been given — and so unique, too!

You can find hammocks in many different materials, colors, and patterns. So definitely shop around until you find something that undeniably suits the personalities of your engaged friends.

Your newlywed friends will be looking to lounge after planning a wedding.

You may even decide to purchase a hammock with the same colors used for the wedding party’s attire. In which case, you’ll likely go down in history as the best wedding gift-giver ever (at least as far as your newlyweds friends are concerned!


This one may sound pretty unconventional at first, but hear me out…

If the soon-to-be-wed couple has a compost pile, does lots of landscaping, or simply loves doing yard work (and plenty of it) — a wheelbarrow will actually make a pretty practical gift!

This cool vintage wheelbarrow would make a great wedding gift – especially if you engrave it.

Not all wheelbarrows are created equal, though. Some are of much higher quality and craftsmanship than others. 

Though, if you choose the right one and add the right personalization — your friends will be forever grateful for gifting something both useful and aesthetically pleasing for their garden!

Wine Box

There is a seemingly endless array of custom wine boxes on Etsy right now and you truly could not go wrong with any of them!

From wood-burned and etched boxes to hand-painted calligraphy — wine boxes are a perfect way for the newlyweds to remember their big day!

wine box
A wine box with a bottle inside will show your friends you care.

I’ve even seen wooden wine boxes with photos of the couple transmitted right onto the box!

If you’re as excited about this idea as I am, here’s a gorgeous Custom Photo Wine Box I found on Etsy from the CadesandBirch shop!

CadesandBirch Etsy wine box picture
This stunning wine box from the CadesandBirch Etsy shop has a custom photo and personalized engraving – it doesn’t get more custom than that!

If you like the whole wooden, wine-related gift idea but are looking for something your friends can take on the go — a personalized wooden wine carrier caddy is another viable option!

Another alternative option is a custom-engraved apple crate.  This is especially suitable if the soon-to-be newlyweds are fruit-tree owners or enthusiasts!

(Oh, and I know I didn’t add this to my main list, but if the couple loves fruit trees and they haven’t planted any yet — you could always purchase one for them to get them started!)

If you’re wondering which of these gifts I would choose myself — I’d have to go with the personalized and engraved photo wine box from CadesandBirch!

Watering Can 

Don’t you just love the classic look of those vintage-style, galvanized watering cans?

…Who doesn’t?!

That’s why these make a beautiful (and practical) gift for your engaged garden friends.

watering can
You can paint the couple’s names onto a galvanized watering can like this one – just be sure to use multi-surface paint.

If you’re looking for something with even more class and sophistication, there are tons of beautiful watering cans available on Etsy! My personal favorite (hands down) is this personalized white iron watering can from the kdolenti shop!

kdolenti Etsy watering can
A bright, beautiful, and personalized watering can from the kdolenti Etsy shop will make a perfect addition to any wedding gift!

May their garden (and their marriage) always blossom and grow strong!

Toasting Glasses

Do the soon-to-be newlyweds grow grapes and/or make their own wine? 

…Then “wine” not get them some elegant personalized wine glasses with their names and wedding date etched onto each glass? Or, if painted glasses is more your thing — you could paint (or hire someone to paint) their portraits onto wine glasses!

It can’t get any more personal than that!

wine glass portraits
These His & Hers glasses of Harley Quinn and the Joker were custom painted by LMadGz!

If your friends are more of the champagne-drinking type, some toasting flutes with a personalized touch will certainly work just as well! 

champagne glasses
These charming champagne glasses were hand-decorated and gifted to LMadGz and her spouse by a sweet and loving family member!

Wedding Day Garden Gnomes

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but is most suitable for those who you know LOVE gnomes. 

There are a lot of people out there who adore gnomes, and even collect them! Just make sure your friends are those kinds of people and you’re good to go.

You can pick out gnomes that resemble your soon-to-be-wed friends.

If you’re certain the couple will love them, you could invest in some custom garden gnomes that resemble the newlyweds! 

If the gnomes you choose aren’t weather-proof, they could still be a great way for the couple to decorate their porch or sun-room! 

We love these wedding gnomes from the SettingUpHouse Etsy shop!

SettingUpHouse Etsy gnomes burlap
You can browse through the SettingUpHouse Etsy shop for gnomes that may resemble your engaged friends. Don’t forget to check out the other wonderful handmade gifts from this shop – perfect for the couple’s “I do & happily ever after”!

If you do go the garden gnome route, stick with your gut when it comes to choosing gnomes that are the right fit for your engaged friends. Besides, you “gnome” better than I do!


I know, I know.  This one typically isn’t cheap, but it’s a wonderful option for large wedding parties looking to pitch in toward an extravagant group-gift! 

It’s also a great choice for parents of the newlyweds looking to give a big gift that the couple will never forget!

A greenhouse makes an extravagant gift for large wedding parties if you want to collaborate on gift-giving.

There are tons of different routes you can take when it comes to greenhouses, so be sure to do your research. 

If you’re interested in checking out custom greenhouse builds, you might enjoy browsing the NWGreenPanels website.

If you’re skilled with a hammer and believe you’re up for a challenge, try searching “Greenhouse Build Plans” on Etsy or Google. From there, you can decide if building a custom greenhouse is the right option for you!


Now, you have plenty of sweet and thoughtful gift ideas for your soon-to-be-wed friends (or family member & future in-law). No matter what gift you choose, the couple will surely thank you!

I hope you found this article helpful.  If so, please share it with someone who can use the information.

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I hope you enjoyed this guest post by LMadGz!

Happy gifting!

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