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Soil Volume Calculator

Ever wondered how to calculate soil volume? If you’ve ever needed to fill raised beds or containers, you might have just made your best guess and bought a few bags of potting soil, hoping that would cover it. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that anymore!

Calculate soil volume yourself

You might remember from grade school that volume = length x width x height. This formula will give you an answer in cubic feet.

Now, soil is most often sold by cubic yard, or a 3′ x 3′ x 3′ cube. To find how many cubic yards you need, divide your previous answer by 27, like so: volume (in cubic feet) / 27 = volume (in cubic yards).

When your garden is a rectangle or a square, the math is easy. It gets a little more complicated with a circular or irregularly shaped garden.

Calculate soil volume with this easy-to-use tool

If math isn’t your thing or you want to check your answer, I got you! Use GreenUpside’s Soil Volume Calculator to find the precise volume for raised beds and containers based on their dimensions. If you need to find out how much soil you will need to fill up for a project, this is the tool you need!

It will ask you to enter:

  • Bed shape (circle, ellipse, square, or rectangle)
  • Units (inches, feet, yards, centimeters, meters)
  • Dimensions (width, length, diameter depending on shape)
  • Bed depth (container height)
  • Number of beds or containers

The summary will give you the area and volume (in square and cubic units, depending on the units you chose), along with the information you entered. You can also choose to get an email with the summary information!

Soil Volume Calculator App Summary Preview
Enter the dimensions of your raised bed or container to get a helpful summary with area and volume – per bed and in total.

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