6 Unique & Unusual Garden Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for some cool new furniture ideas for your garden?

Hoping to express your unique taste with creative, cozy and inviting places to lounge and sit?

Well, keep reading — because today, we’re going to go over 6 Unique & Unusual Garden Furniture Ideas (plus some bonus ideas)!

Most of these ideas are wonderfully unconventional — & all of them will beckon you and your guests to spend more time relaxing in and around your garden. 

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this list with you all morning. So, without further delay…

Let’s get started!

6 Unique & Unusual Garden Furniture Ideas

  • Tree Stumps Or Branches
  • Wood Pallets
  • Oak Barrels
  • Stone Or Concrete
  • Hanging Furniture
  • Pergola

Note: for your convenience and ease of reading, I’ve compiled this list into general categories and subcategories based on the main materials used and the general type of furniture. 


Tree Stumps Or Branches

Have you ever seen someone make furniture out of tree stumps or branches? It’s a pretty cool concept.

Tree stumps make for a pretty cool and rustic place to chill out and take a breather.

There are probably dozens of different ways you can use tree stumps or branches (and even driftwood) to create furniture for your garden. Today, we’ll talk about a few of my favorite ways.

Tree Trunk Or Driftwood Bench

I’ve seen both benches made from tree trunks and benches made from large pieces of driftwood.

Driftwood can be a little harder to find, but if you collect enough driftwood over time — it can make for a truly satisfying garden furniture project. 

driftwood beach rock
When you see old, petrified branches washed up onto the beach – you can collect them for future DIY furniture projects for your garden.

A talented pair (and two loved ones of mine) make beautiful and innovative furniture pieces (and other items that are perfect for the garden) out of tree stumps and branches!

Here’s an alluring hand-made garden bench by Dusty Miller

Jason on wood bench dusty miller
If you live in or around Massachusetts, you can commission a bench like this one from Dusty Miller!

The pair of wood artists also create other custom items for the home and garden, including custom tables, birdhouses, and even garden signs:

This Dusty Miller hickory wood sofa table could double as a lovely place to keep seedlings or potted plants!

Dusty Miller doesn’t just make furniture and other wood items for people — they also make happy homes for birds — and stylish signs for your beloved plants!

Here at GreenUpside, we appreciate the quality craftsmanship of Dusty Miller *berry* much.

I can’t tell you how this husband-&-wife team does such spectacular work, but I Can tell you how to get in touch with them!

Follow @dusty_miller_2019 on Instagram if you’d like to stay in the know about new creative pieces for in and around your garden!

& better yet, if you live in or around Massachusetts and are interested in your own custom Dusty Miller piece, send them a DM!

Tree Stump Table Or Stool

Ahh, this one truly brings us back to the basics. Sometimes less truly is more. So if you’re looking to create a fabulous place to sit without doing anything too fancy — this is your project. 

All you need is a tree stump that’s in good condition (dry on the inside and free of rot) and some wood-finishing products.

While I have seen people sit on raw logs with no finish and think that’s fine — it’s (of course) not going to hold up to rain and the elements as well as a properly sealed and weatherproofed piece. 

Using just a plain, simple log will surely suffice — but it’s still best to treat and seal it properly so it can better withstand the elements!
If you prefer a chair with a back, you can easily create one by chopping or sawing your wood log so that it forms an L-shape.

When it comes to the difference between creating a tree-stump stool or tree-stump table, the only real difference I can think of is the length of the log. If you’re looking to make a stool, you can get away with as small as a 1 foot log without any issues. If you’re going for a low table to put your summer lemonade on, you might want to consider at least a 22 inch cut. 

When making a table out of a log, feel free to keep it simple and use the log itself as a surface for setting down your belongings.

Using a tree stump as a stool or table is simple and stylish — just the way we like it.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a slightly more detailed project and a touch of added refinement, you can buy a flat piece of wood (round or square) from your local home improvement store for use as a tabletop.

All you have to do is treat and seal the wood piece the same way you seal the wood log. Attach the two pieces with some screws — & you’re done!

Wood Round Clock

If you’re new to gardening, you might be wondering why someone would want a clock in their garden. & if you’re an experienced gardener, then you already know.

There is something deeply therapeutic about gardening and feeling one with nature — & sometimes it’s easy to spend twice as much time in the garden as anticipated. If you’re someone who has many other responsibilities and commitments, it’s important that you know what time it is.

& who wants to wet and dirty their nice watch or be fumbling for their cell phone with dirt all over their hands?

When gardening, it’s easy to forget what time it is — but who wants to wear their best watch while playing in the dirt?

The answer? …No one. 

That’s why garden clocks really come in handy. 

I’ve been coming across more and more DIY garden clocks made from raw wood rounds — and I have to say — I really want one. 

I realized recently that they have clock-making kits at Michaels (and probably most if not all craft stores).

This is a game-changer.

All you have to do is find the right wood round and pick up a clock-making kit — then, you’ll be on your way to creating the most stunning and unique clock for your garden.

Just don’t forget to place your clock somewhere where it’s protected from the rain (like under an overhang or covered pergola, inside a greenhouse, or beneath the eave of your shed roof).  

Wood Pallets

If you’re a regular visitor to the GreenUpside site, you’ve probably read a post or two that mentions some of the cool things you can do with upcycled wood pallets.

Creating furniture is one of those things. 

wooden pallet painted white
There is so much you can do and create with just a few wood pallets and an open mind (& some simple supplies, of course)!

Wood Pallet Chair Or Bench

I’ve seen the most clever chairs and benches constructed from very few supplies other than wood pallets. It’s incredible, really.

This shabby-chic seating area was created with reclaimed wood pallets. What a fabulous addition to any garden or patio space!

So grab your wood pallets and a screwdriver — because this is a project you’re going to want to try.

It’s straightforward and the results are mesmerizing. 

wooden pallet
Don’t throw away your old wood pallets! Use them to create a cozy and inviting lounge space for your patio garden!

Wood Pallet Table Or Potting Bench

I love this idea. You can find reclaimed wood pallet tables and potting benches all over Pinterest and Etsy. 

Some of the designs I’ve seen are rather intricate, but I much prefer the simple, rustic ones. 

One of my favorite table designs is just a single horizontal wood pallet attached to wooden or metal legs.

You can stain your pallet or add a wood-burned effect prior to adding a poly finish. You can also put a glass tabletop on top of the pallet to create a sturdy, crackless, easy-to-clean surface for your garden picnic needs.

Oh, and if you’re interested in a bit of a challenge (with a spectacular result) check out this DIY wood pallet potting bench tutorial video by Heather Commack on Youtube!

Oak Barrels

Another fabulous and unique idea is to create garden furniture out of oak barrels. 

Good old-fashioned oak barrels have endless upcycling potential and rustic charm.

So, if you have one or two whiskey (or wine) barrels lying around — you’re in for a treat (and so is your garden)!

Oak Barrel Table Or Potting Bench

Many people use a single oak barrel as a table — without making any changes. I actually prefer this over the more detailed projects. Wine and whiskey barrels already have a warm-looking, rustic charm that is tough to beat. So, I like to take the “if-it-isn’t-broken…don’t-fix-it” approach.

This oak barrel makes a perfect table for setting down gardening tools, showcasing some plants, or even hosting a garden tea party or lunch date!

However, if you’re looking to make a wide and fully-functional potting bench, you’re going to need two oak barrels and a long, rectangular table top.

Stand up each of your two oak barrels and space them as wide as you’d like your oak barrel potting bench to be. Lay your rectangular table top over the tops of the two barrels (and trim the length or width of the tabletop if necessary and as you see fit.)

Then, all you have to do is treat and seal. 

Potting bench utopia.

Oak Barrel Seating

These projects take a bit more skill, but the results are just gorgeous (and so unique)!

While there are definitely cool ways to create a chair out of a vertical oak barrel — I much prefer the projects I’ve seen where an oak barrel is tipped horizontally onto its side and made into a cool and wonderfully quirky garden chair.

If you’re quirky like me, why not paint an old barrel to give it a little bit more personality? 

If you’re hoping to make a horizontal barrel chair that is a bit more on the sophisticated side, check out this satisfying video of an oak barrel chair-making by Bear Mountain on Youtube!

Stone Or Concrete

If you have some stones or concrete blocks lying around, you probably already have everything you need to create some lovely garden and patio furniture.

Stones and concrete are not to be underestimated! They make wonderfully durable and weatherproof outdoor furniture pieces!

Granite Slab Benches & Tabletops 

While you can easily create a simple seating area with just some large rocks, you can also create a pretty incredible table if you build a good, solid foundation or table stand using rocks.

I’ve seen people across Pinterest placing granite slabs over rock foundations or wooden legs to create fabulous garden benches and tabletops.

If you don’t have any granite slabs, it might be worth it to invest in one!

Concrete Block Or Brick Furniture

I’ve seen some stunning outdoor furniture pieces constructed out of just brick or concrete blocks and some wood. There are endless approaches you can take to creating a comfortable chair, couch, or conversation piece for your garden.

In case you just raised an eyebrow at the word “comfortable” — I’d like to point out that it’s important to spice up your furniture with some soft and cozy cushions — regardless of what your furniture is made from.

These furnitures are not only relatively easy to build — but also a lot cooler looking than you’d think.

Your plants won’t mind a few concrete blocks in the garden — and neither should you!

Try searching “cinderblock table” or “cinderblock chair” on Pinterest and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I’ve sat on concrete benches before and they’re surprisingly comfortable when you add some cute, padded cushions.

So, don’t be afraid to give some good old brick (or concrete) and mortar a try!

Hanging Furniture 

What is it about hanging furniture that makes it so perfectly splendid? Is it the weightless feeling you get when your feet leave the ground? Is it the simple fact that swings (and objects of the like) make us feel like we’re kids again?

Frankly, I’m not sure what makes hanging furniture so alluring, but it undoubtedly makes a lovely addition to any garden or patio.

Hanging Chair

If you’ve never sat in a hanging patio chair, you’re missing out.

I particularly love these swings for garden patios because it’s fun to *hang* around among lots of colorful hanging plants and floating flowers.

Another cool advantage to adding hanging chairs to your garden area is the amount of space you will save on the ground floor — leaving you with a blemish-free lawn or an uninterrupted patio canvas for sidewalk chalk-loving kids!

Hanging chairs leave your lawn healthy and virtually blemish free!

Wooden Rope Swing

I’ve mentioned these types of swings in previous articles because there is simply something special about them. 

A classic, bench-style wooden rope swing goes with just about any landscape under the sun (or under the shade!)

wooden rope swing
Bench-style rope swings are a blast from the past and make a perfectly unique seat for your garden area.

You don’t necessarily need to build a swingset, either. These types of swings work rather well when simply tied to a strong tree branch or pergola. 

Adding a number of these swings to your garden area will not only provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing seating area, but also a way for you and your friends to enjoy some wind in your hair. 

wooden rope swing
Swings aren’t just for children. They’re great for young-at-heart adults, too.


A childhood favorite of mine — hammocks are a comfortable place to lounge and an eye-pleasing addition to any garden.

Hammocks are perfect for getting some good old-fashioned R&R.

Don’t have two perfectly spaced trees?

No problem! There are all kinds of clever and innovative ways to suspend your hammock.

Perhaps you have a pergola that you could use to hang your hammock. 

Alternatively, you might want to look into a hammock stand or a single-tree hammock suspension system.

You’ll love this single-tree hammock suspension system from the WilliamandMarie Etsy shop!

Regardless of how you hang your hammock, you’ll love how deeply relaxing it is to lounge in and around your garden while smelling the sweet summer air. 


Pergolas add sophistication to any outdoor patio setup or design. If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your garden space, all you need to do is decide what style works best for you.

Classic Pergola

If you are looking to cover a large patio space, a classic pergola will be perfect for your needs. These types of pergolas can be covered to protect patio plants from excessive watering or sun scorch. 

Pergolas add class and sophistication to any garden space.

They also make a great roof-over-your-head when you’re looking for a dry place to sit with plenty of shade. 

Pergola-Style Arbor

Pergola-style arbors have the unique design of a pergola, but are simply created on a smaller scale than the classic pergola.

These types of arbors look great as entrances to your garden, but can also serve as a great place to hang a rope swing or some of your favorite floating planters. 

Pergola-Style Bench

A couple months ago, I came across this pergola-style bench from LINEAARTS on Etsy and it completely blew my mind (in the best way). 

arbor bench plan Etsy

Two of my favorite things — pergolas and comfy-cushioned patio furniture — joining forces to create the mother of all garden furniture pieces?

Yes, please!

You can find DIY build plans for projects like this on the LINEAARTS Etsy page.

Oh, and you can thank me later (because I know you’re gonna love it).


Now you know some cool, unique and unusual ideas for your garden furniture set-up!

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I hope you liked this guest post by LMadGz.

I wish you a lifetime of bountiful harvests!

Happy planting (and furnishing)!

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