Vertical Herb Gardening (10 Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors)

Are you interested in starting your own vertical herb garden?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced green-thumb or a novice beginner, you can rest assured that there’s a vertical herb garden option out there that’s perfect for your needs and your personality!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

10 Ideas for Vertical Herb Gardening

  • Vertical Planter Boxes
  • Wooden Rope Swing
  • Hanging Planter Pots
  • Raised Bed With Lattice Trellis 
  • Ladder Planter
  • Garden Trellis
  • A-Shaped Trellis
  • Bookcase Or Bookshelves
  • Apple Crates
  • Mason Jar Planter

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Vertical Planter Boxes 

Vertical Planter Boxes are a viable option for both indoor and outdoor herb gardens. 

If you’re starting your herb garden indoors, you can easily screw some vertical planter boxes directly into a wall stud.

rustic planter box
You can screw your wooden planter boxes into your interior or exterior wall.

If you’re not keen on putting a lot of holes into the wall, you might consider laying your planter boxes on vertical shelves that you already have.

You can plant each type of herb in a different planter box or group some of them together, depending on your personal preference and the space you have. 

My favorite planter boxes are the natural, sweet-smelling cedar ones! 

Don’t forget to line your planter boxes with raised bed garden liners to prevent mold, mildew, and mess all over your nice planters!

Wooden Rope Swing

Such a unique idea, right?

wooden rope swing
You can hang a rope swing or multi-shelf swings either indoors or outdoors for the perfect rustic vertical herb garden.

Rope swings are not only a nostalgic blast from the past — but also an extremely cool and unconventional way to plant your herbs vertically.

You can hang a rope swing (or multiple rope swings) and place your herb jars, pots or planters on top of the wood!

If you’re interested in this type of planter, you may want to check out this 3-tiered rope swing shelf setup made by KatiedidCreationz on Etsy!

KatiedidCreationz sells gorgeous wooden rope shelves AND rustic shelf planters right on Etsy! You can visit the KatiedidCreationz shop here.

If you’re looking to hang separate swing-style shelves that aren’t necessarily attached to each other, you might like this stand-alone swing-style shelf from ShelfSavvyCo on Etsy:

ShelfSavvyCo sells this gorgeous standalone shelf with a natural bark edge right here on Etsy. You can use several of these to bring your vertical gardening vision to life!

If you want a vertical herb garden that makes you feel like a kid again, I highly recommend this rope swing option.

Another one of my favorite vertical planters is this floating plant shelf from RockThisOut with holes perfect for your 4.25″ terra-cotta pots! This three-tiered plant shelf has holes big enough for your pots to sit in securely – but small enough to hold the lips of your pots without them falling through and crashing to the ground!

You can choose between 6 different wood finishes for this charming three-tiered floating planter from the RockThisOut Etsy shop!

Hanging Planter Pots 

This is one of those simple and straightforward options — but it’s a good option, all the same. 

Whether your herb garden is indoors or outdoors, you can opt for hanging pots and planters that can hook onto any arbor, trellis, or ladder.

hanging pot
This hanging planter is wonderful for any vertical herb garden.

I’ve even seen people screw cast-iron hardware onto the side of their house (yes — the outside!) and hang their planters from the iron bars. 

Clever, right?

You can also install hooks to your indoor, outdoor, or patio room walls so that you can easily hang your herb planters!

One of my personal favorites, though, is to hang an array of planter pots filled with delicious herbs so that they dangle down from a patio pergola. 

hanging pot with flowers
You can hang multiple pots with herbs or flowers to create a diverse vertical herb garden.

Green-thumb bliss!

Raised Bed With Lattice Trellis

These are perfect for raspberries, jasmine, or even hops! These types of planters were made for plants that love to climb.

It can’t get more vertical than herbs that like to climb high towards the sky! Just make sure to provide a sturdy surface for your herbs to climb on so that they can reach their fullest potential!

garden shed lattice trellis
You can see a round rustic raised bed situated in front of a white lattice trellis.

(Hint: a lattice trellis is perfect for this!)

Note: you’ll want to opt for an outdoor herb garden if choosing climbing herbs that require full sun, such as raspberries. 

& Yes, raspberry leaves are actually considered an herb —  and a delectable one, at that! In fact, raspberries are in the rose family – they say every rose has its thorn, but not if you buy one of these thornless raspberry varieties.

A tasty herb that’s perfect for tea and also produces delicious berries? Sign us up!

Ladder Planter

Ladder planters make awesome vertical herb gardens regardless of whether you’re gardening indoors or outdoors. 

If using a ladder planter outside, making sure the ladder can withstand the elements is a must! This is also true if setting up your ladder planter on your porch, where it may still be susceptible to rainy and/or humid weather conditions. 

wooden garden ladder
The shabby-chic ladder planter is great for an indoor or outdoor vertical garden – just make sure it’s weather-proof if using outdoors.

Nobody wants a moldy, mildew-covered ladder!

Keep in mind, there are different kinds of ladder planters. Some people use ones with built-in shelves. 

Other people opt for the more traditional ladders with rod-shaped bars. These work well if you’re looking to hang terracotta pots or mason jar planters from the ladder!

A ladder planter and some hanging plants all-in-one? Sounds great to us!

Garden Trellis

I know we previously mentioned a planter box with a lattice-style trellis, but this is a bit different. We’re talking about the more traditional garden trellis. 

While this is obviously a great option for outdoor herb gardening, it’s also a pretty sweet (and wonderfully unconventional) option for indoor herb gardening!

pergola trellis
This garden trellis has a pergola-style build at the top, making it perfect for vertically climbing plants, such as grapes.

Once you’re able to secure your trellis against a wall inside your home, the possibilities are endless! 

Whether you attach mini cedar planter boxes, tiny pots, little jars, or long ropes with planter bottles on the other end — you can start your trellis garden with confidence knowing your herb garden certainly won’t be boring or average!

A-Shaped Trellis

You can do similar things with an A-shaped trellis as with the aforementioned traditional trellis.

What’s different, though, is that an A shaped trellis provides about twice the space — and twice the possibilities! 

I personally prefer the outdoor A-shaped trellis setup because it takes up a bit more space – & space is something your climbing plants love (and need)!

We absolutely love this Oak A Frame Trellis from yardnbarn on Etsy!

You can find this charming and practical A Frame Oak Trellis right on the yardnbarn Etsy Page. Don’t forget to check out yardnbarn’s other great “Plant Playgrounds”!

If setting up an A-shaped trellis in a sunroom or conservatory, you can make full use of your space by putting other planters on the ground beneath the A-shape trellis. You can have a “Plant Playground” (as yarnbarn calls it) of plants climbing up, hanging from, and sitting under your trellis!

You might even want to put a low coffee table underneath this type of trellis. It’ll be a perfect place to keep your watering can, gardening tools, or even your gardening and recipe books!

Bookcase Or Bookshelves

A bookcase or multiple bookshelves will make an ideal spot for your indoor herb garden.

You can rest multiple terracotta pots and planters on each vertical shelf — giving you plenty of space to continuously expand your indoor herb garden —  on herb at a time!

A sophisticated bookshelf herb garden starts with a bookcase and a few potted plants. The rest is just TLC for your plants.

As long as your planters are sturdy and your books aren’t too heavy, you may be even be able to use your planter pots as book-ends!

What a stylish way for bookworms and green-thumbs to tend to their herbs indoors!

Apple Crates

Similar to planter boxes, you can actually repurpose your old apple crates and turn them into key pieces in your vertical herb garden.

If using these outdoors, be sure they are weather-proof and lined with raised bed liner!

apple crates
These apple crates make lovely planters for your vertical herb garden.

& even if you’re using apple crates indoors, you’ll still want to line your apple-crate planters.

(That is, of course, unless you’re a fan of getting dirt, water, and mud all over your floors.)

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one. Sure, apple crate planters can definitely be screwed straight into the wall or placed onto shelves, but they can also join forces with indoor ladder planters in order to achieve an exceptionally unique look!

You won’t find many (if any) people with the same vertical herb garden as you, that’s for sure!

Mason Jar Planter

This is my first year trying an indoor, vertical Mason Jar herb garden — and I’ve got to say, so far, it’s extremely easy!

All you need are some pebbles, some potting soil, some seeds, some water, and a little bit of tender loving care!

If you’re looking into starting this type of herb garden yourself, check out this vertical mason jar planter from CountryHomeandHeart!

If standalone mason jars aren’t quite your thing, you can also find rustic wooden mason jar holders that mount onto the wall and hold several jars. 

Oh, and of course, if you’re the creative and crafty type, you might even be able to come up with your own design for hanging mason jars in your vertical indoor herb garden! 

No matter what vertical herb garden style you choose, I’m confident that you’ll be thrilled with your new and innovative herb garden setup!

mason jar planter
Mason jars make wonderful indoor planters – just add pebbles, some potting soil, a plant, and some water.


Now you know all about 11 different vertical herb garden ideas. 

I hope you enjoyed this guest post by LMadGz!

You can also find more information on garden herbs for beginners here.

Happy planting!

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