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1.) Should You Line a Raised Garden Bed? – In this post, I explore the pros and cons of raised garden bed liners, plus the materials you can use. (Hint: the answer is yes, you should use them!)

brick raised beds
To line or not to line a raised garden bed? I say to line it – read the article to find out why!

2.) Can You Plant a Potato that Has Sprouted? – Nobody wants to waste food, and everyone likes to grow their own potatoes, right? Planting sprouted potatoes is a great project for kids to learn where their food comes from!

sprouting potatoes
Can you plant sprouted potatoes? Yes – and you should! It’s a fun project for kids, or if you are young at heart!

3.) What Fruit Trees Grow in Massachusetts? – If you live in a colder climate, don’t worry – you can still have an orchard in your yard! This article has some ideas on fruit trees that will grow despite a small (or large!) winter chill.

large ripe peach
Want to find out which fruit trees grow in Massachusetts or other cold climates? This article will tell you (hint: peaches are one, but watch out for early spring frost!)

4.) Can You Grow Plants in a Cardboard Box? – If you can’t tell, I love the idea of recycling things and making creative use of ordinary objects. Instead of throwing your cardboard in the trash, put it in your garden!

cardboard boxes
Can you grow plants in a cardboard box? Yes, you can – and they have other uses too! Read my article to find out why you should use them for your garden.

5.) How to Rent Garden Space – Let’s face it, we don’t all have a huge yard to grow a nice garden with vegetables and flowers. However, you don’t have to let a lack of space stop you from growing! I love this idea, and I think it will get much more popular as people get excited about growing their own food.

High Point Community Garden
You can rent garden space, and there are many ways to do it. Don’t let a lack of space at home stop you from growing your own food!