Mother’s Day Gifts For Gardeners (11 Gardening Gifts For Mom)

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show a special mother in your life how much you care? Well, if Mom happens to love gardening, then you’ve come to just the right place!

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your own mother, your mother-in-law,  your stepmother — or a friend who just happens to be a great Mom. What matters is that you choose a gift that comes from the heart.

What could be more thoughtful than a gardening gift carefully picked out with Mom in mind?

Here at Green Upside, we believe the answer to that question is…


So today, we’re going to share with you our 11 favorite Mother’s Day Gifts For Gardeners.

Let’s get started!

11 Mother’s Day Gifts For Gardeners: 

  • Custom Garden Sign
  • Gift Basket
  • Garden Tote
  • Planter Pot
  • Potting Bench
  • Garden Bench
  • Tractor Scoot
  • Arbor
  • Trellis
  • Watering Can
  • Greenhouse

Garden Sign

If you’re a frequent visitor to the blog (or a Green Upsider, if you will), then you may have seen garden signs in some of our previous gift idea articles. 

There’s a good reason why we’ve brought up custom garden signs more than once, and it’s this:

Custom garden signs make incredibly practical gifts — regardless of who you’re shopping/creating for!

There are countless garden and patio signs online, particularly on Etsy. 

Here’s a beautiful and personalized garden sign from one of our favorite Etsy shops, PersonifyGift:

Mom will be sure to love this garden sign from the PersonifyGift shop on Etsy. The owner of this shop frequently has sales going on that are hard to resist — and even after a sale has ended, you can score 10% off on most items for Mom when you use the code LoveIt!

Some other cool signs we’ve seen in and around gardens are cute quotes that are there to lighten the mood.

There’s nothing like a relaxing gardening session and some comic relief after a long, selfless day. & mothers know all about selfless days because they spend much of their time taking care of others.

So, why not take care of Mom by gifting her a wood-burned, painted, or custom-stamped garden sign to bring out some soul-soothing laughter?

We recently saw a rustic metal garden sign that read, “trespassers will be composted” — which undoubtedly provoked a chuckle or two. We’ve even seen stamped plant markers with quotes like, “No Trespooping” & “Frog Parking Only, All Others Will Be Toad.”

Cute, right?

Just be creative with it!

Whether you opt for a wooden, metal, or granite sign, you’ll simply want to make sure the sign is outdoor-weather friendly!

Mom will be sure to love it. 

Gift Basket

You can’t go wrong with this sweet and thoughtful Mother’s Day gardening gift.

A gardening gift basket can be personalized in countless ways — from the look of the basket itself — to the gardening goodies you decide to fill it with.

You’re likely one of the people who knows Mom best. So, you should have a good idea of what she’ll like (and if you’re unsure — just remember — it’s the thought that counts)!

If you’re feeling indecisive on picking out a basket, consider whether Mom is the type of person who might appreciate the intricacy of a basket woven from cane or wood fibers.

She might be more of a cotton or metal basket type. (If you’re unsure, no biggie! Simply choose a basket that you think looks nice — & odds are, she’ll think so, too!) 

I always go for the natural, wooden woven baskets because they have that simple, rustic charm that I love!

Regardless of the basket you choose, you can decorate and personalize the basket with a quick paint job, some bows or ribbons, or (my favorite) — some jute twine!

You can even decorate a Mother’s Day basket with lovely wildflowers from your own garden!

You can even add tags or plant markers with cute, clever sayings (like the funny garden sign quotes we went over just a moment ago.)

Here’s the fun part — filling your basket. 

Think about what Mom might need — as well as what you think she’ll love.

Are her pruners and pocket snips nice and sharp — or old and tarnished? Does she have enough of them? (Hint: you can Never have too many pruners or pocket snips.)

Does she have enough gardening gloves?

Don’t forget to include some gardening necessities, like gloves, snips, and a hat to keep the sun out of Mom’s eyes!

Does she have enough seed packs for the coming season? What about the season that will be soon to follow? 

Enough plant labels? 

…No? Well, now we’re getting somewhere!

Don’t forget to consider gardening and recipe books, catalogs, hand creams, hats, trowels, raised bed double tools, and other gardening tools and supplies!

Basically, if it’s practical and gardening-related (and if it fits in the basket), it’s perfect!  So don’t overthink it! 

So long as you fill the basket with love, you can rest assured that Mom will be happy when she realizes how much thought went into her Mother’s Day Gift from you. 

Garden Tote

Another one that I love is the classic garden tote. Classy, cute, and practical! 

Unlike a gift basket, Mom will likely keep this gift close while she’s outside working in the garden. So, you’ll want to pick a color or pattern that you know she’ll love!

I’m a fan of natural, warm, earthy colors, like brown, taupe, tan, beige, or even olive green!

Having trouble finding a garden tote that Mom will like? No worries! Beach bags can work well as garden totes for any Mom who just has a few simple things she’d like to keep with her!

Many garden totes are made from canvas, but you can also find wooden and metal caddies. 

It’s all up to you, but I much prefer canvas totes for their light weight and durability (you can drop them with no problem and if you get them wet or dirty you can just put them through a gentle wash cycle!)

Many totes you find online or in the stores will come with a few basic tools (a digging fork, a trowel, and a small shovel), but it’s always nice to add a good pair of pruners or pocket snips!

A padded cushion for Mom’s knees will be much appreciated, too.

Mom will be pleased to know you thought of her in such a caring way.

Planter Pot

Anyone who gardens knows that you can never have too many plants. Similarly,  you can never have too many planter pots to plant them in!

Whether you go for classic terracotta pots or some upcycled, hand-painted containers with soil-drainage holes drilled into the bottom — Mom will be sure to appreciate more homes for her plants!

Pinterest and Etsy are full of brilliant ideas for pots and plant containers, so you’ll be sure to find something you love if you take a quick look.

One of my favorite ideas is to upcycle old aluminum soup cans by painting them, labeling them, and decorating them to suit Mom’s indoor gardening space or South-facing plant window. (We like our windows to face South so that our plants get plenty of sun!)

Just be sure to add a way for the soil to drain, like drilling holes in the bottom or adding at least an inch of pebbles to prevent water stagnation in the soil.

Another cool idea is to create your own pottery or glass-blowing piece. 

No need to get help from a Ghost. You can make Mom a special homemade planter pot all on your own!

Mom will proudly tell all her guests that you custom-made her planter special — just for her!

Potting Bench 

If Mom doesn’t have a potting bench, she’ll certainly jump for joy upon realizing someone was thoughtful enough to get her one. 

Seriously, have you ever tried potting or seed-starting while crouched down on the ground — or worse — while indoors and struggling not to make the biggest mess of the season?

While it’s possible to get by without a nice, sturdy potting bench, it’s definitely not preferable. 

A new potting bench — whether purchased or built-by-you — will be Mom’s favorite (and most practical) gift of all!

Get creative! Any outdoor table that’s high enough to comfortably stand (or even sit) at will work well for all Mom’s potting needs!

Garden Bench

Another great gift option for Mom — a garden bench — will provide elegant beauty and a cozy, outdoor reading nook for any garden.

There’s nothing quite like some fresh air and reading after all that weeding (and seeding)!

You have tons of great options when it comes to picking out the right garden bench for Mom. My personal favorite is the classic, wooden park bench with cast-iron detailing — but to each her own!

There’s almost nothing more inviting that a comfy, old-fashioned, park-style bench in your garden! (Or Mom’s!)

Regardless of what bench you decide on, you’ll have the option of adding customization, too! A custom metal plaque, painted details, or an engraving can add a glorious, personal touch to an already lovely bench.

If you decide against the personalization part — I wholeheartedly support your decision to keep it simple! The classic beauty of a garden bench will be a memorable gift this Mother’s Day either way!

Tractor Scoot

This is possibly the best option for aging Moms because it provides relief for the body — particularly the knees and lower back. Gardening in a comfortably adjusted seated position is much healthier and more ergonomic than kneeling or hunching over a bed of plants. 

There are various different tractor scoots that you can choose from. My favorite is the Deluxe Tractor Scoot from

This tractor scoot from Gardener’s has an adjustable seat, the ability to lock in place for added support, and the ability to be easily steered around sharp corners and over rough terrain. 

If the Deluxe Tractor Scoot is a little fancier than you’re looking for — no worries! You can find other great options on the website. 


Oh, how I love this option.

These aren’t always the cheapest options when purchasing premade, but if you ask me, Moms are usually pretty deserving of a splurge.

There are *overarching* benefits to getting Mom a garden arbor this Mother’s Day.

Sometimes, a DIY project can be even more heartwarming and beautiful (not to mention more wallet-friendly) than their pre-assembled counterparts. So, definitely don’t be afraid to hone in on your building skills and get creative!

If this idea sounds right up your alley, you can read about rustic garden arbors and how to build & beautify them here.

If you think a garden arbor (pre-made or DIY) is the right gift-option for the Mother figure in your life, but you just aren’t sure which type of arbor to choose, you can read about different arbors here


If you’re Mom has a vegetable garden — then odds are, she needs more trellises. 

In my opinion, the plants that happen to be the most delicious also happen to be the highest climbing (think tomatoes, peas, beans, & cucumbers).

These climbing plants require something to climb on — and trellises are just what the gardener ordered!

One of the sturdiest, most practical, and most attractive garden trellises I’ve seen online is this Oak A-Frame Trellis from the yardnbarn Etsy shop. You can even choose between a 6-foot or 4-foot A-Frame!

Check out yardnbarn’s Etsy shop to find a garden trellis that Mom will love!

If Mom grows any of those plants I mentioned above (the ones that love to climb), she’ll be thrilled to have more trellises — especially if you make her a creative and thoughtful trellis all by yourself!

If you’re big on DIY, you’ll love this post all about our most unique & unusual garden trellis ideas. In this post, you can learn how to build your own trellis using upcycled items that you might otherwise have thrown away (like old window frames and flat, rusty bike tires!)

I highly recommend giving it a shot!

Watering Can 

Watering cans make a wonderful gift for any Mom in your life. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely useful.

Plants need water just about every day, and bringing over the hose can sometimes be a bit of a pain. 

If you find the right watering can for Mom, she’ll likely use it several days each week. What’s more, she’ll be reminded of you each time that she does.

Useful and great-looking, a watering can makes a fabulous Mother’s Day gift for any Mom, but especially Plant Moms!

While classic, galvanized watering cans will surely fit the bill, I also like the unique look of ceramic and iron watering cans.

My favorite watering can is this personalized white iron watering can from the kdolenti shop on Etsy:

A custom white iron watering can from the kdolenti Etsy shop will make a great gift – or a great addition to any gift you’ve already picked out!


If you have siblings who are looking to pitch in to get Mom the gardening gift of a lifetime — look no further than this last idea: her very own greenhouse.

A greenhouse will make an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift that is hard to top!

If Mom is an experienced gardener, she probably wishes she had a greenhouse (or a roomier, nicer greenhouse if she already has one) because greenhouses allow gardeners to start planting outside earlier in the spring season. This is a big deal to most avid gardeners as it extends the growing season!

Greenhouses are an extravagant, yet perfect gift for Moms who are eager to get started planting as soon as the days start to get longer at the tail end of winter!

There are some different routes you can take when it comes to greenhouses, so just make sure to do your due diligence.

If you’re interested in checking out custom greenhouse builds, you might enjoy browsing the NWGreenPanels website.

If you’re skilled at builds (and up for a challenge), try searching “Greenhouse Build Plans” on Etsy! From there, you can decide if building a custom greenhouse is the right option for you!


Now, you have some clever and thoughtful gift ideas for the gardening Mom (or Moms!) in your life.  Regardless of which gift you choose, Mom will be grateful for you and your thoughtfulness. (Seriously, the fact that you’re online looking for gift ideas says a lot about how much you care for Mom!)

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I hope you enjoyed this guest post by LMadGz!

Happy gifting!

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