What Eats Stonecrop? (5 Creatures That Eat Sedum)

Is something eating your stonecrop plant? There are lots of possible culprits, depending on the variety of sedum you have.

So, what eats stonecrop? Deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and chickens eat stonecrop when hungry enough (and if there is no alternative). Slugs, aphids, mealybugs, nematodes, scale, weevils, and ants also sometimes eat stonecrop. If chewed on, sedum may show leaves that are yellow or have holes, stunted growth, and wilting.

Since many sedum varieties can tolerate intense cold (well below freezing), they are a good candidate for survival food when winter comes and animals get hungry.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various creatures that might eat stonecrop. We’ll also mention some sedum varieties that are more resistant to deer or rabbits.

Let’s get started.

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What Eats Stonecrop? (5 Creatures That Eat Sedum)

There are lots of animals that might eat stonecrop, including:

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Birds
  • Chickens
Deer is one creature that may eat stonecrop if given the chance (and if nothing better is available).

In addition, certain insects might cause damage to your stonecrop as well, such as:

  • Slugs
  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Nematodes
  • Scale
  • Weevils
  • Ants
garden slug
Slugs can do some damage to the leaves of stonecrop if they decide to chew on the plant.

It is important to remember that each animal or insect might have certain stonecrop varieties that it likes more than others. It can vary a lot by animal/insect and by stonecrop species/variety!

For example: Rutgers has a classification of plants that are resistant or susceptible to deer. Their rating system uses a scale of A through D.

A grade of “A” means a plant is rarely damaged by deer, while a grade of “D” means a plant stands to suffer frequent severe damage from deer. Sedum spectabile (a particular stonecrop species) got a grade of “C”, meaning it will sometimes suffer severe damage from deer.

Sedum spectabile brilliant
Sedum spectabile will sometimes suffer severe damage from grazing deer.

On the other hand, Sedum spectabile is resistant to damage from rabbits.

Do Deer Eat Stonecrop?

Deer will eat stonecrop in some cases, but they will probably choose to eat other plants if they have the choice. In winter, when there are not as many green leaves to browse on, deer may turn to stonecrop in desperation.

Some stonecrop species and varieties (such as Sedum ternatum or Sedum reflexum) are resistant to damage from deer. Other sedums are not as resistant, and those varieties may sustain damage from grazing deer (especially when the deer get really hungry!)

deer jumping fence
When winter arrives and there aren’t as many leaves to eat, deer may turn to stonecrop as a food source.

So, check the details before you choose a stonecrop variety to plant. Often, you can find out whether a stonecrop variety is deer resistant or not by checking the label (at a nursery) or the description (in a print or online catalog).

(You can find lots of deer resistant plants for hedges here).

Do Rabbits Eat Stonecrop?

Rabbits will also sometimes eat stonecrop. As with deer, rabbits will usually choose to eat something other than stonecrop if it is available.

Some stonecrop varieties (such as Autumn Joy or Angelina) are resistant to damage from rabbits. Maybe it has something to do with the taste or texture, or maybe they dislike the fragrance of flowers from those particular varieties.

cottontail rabbit
Rabbits are another creature that may feed on certain stonecrop varieties when hungry enough.

According to the Iowa State University Extension, Tall Sedum is rarely damaged by rabbits.

Still, rabbits will eat a variety of plants if they get hungry enough. You can learn more about how to keep rabbits out of the garden here.

Do Squirrels Eat Stonecrop?

Squirrels tend not to eat stonecrop unless it is an emergency food when all else fails. If you do have problems with squirrels in your garden, try to create some open space in the landscape

gray squirrel
Squirrels may eat stonecrop if other food sources are unavailable (or if they get curious!)

Squirrels will often stay out of open space to avoid the gaze of predators.

Do Birds Eat Stonecrop?

Some birds (such as house finches) will eat stonecrop sometimes. Other birds will “eat” stonecrop when all they really want is a drink.

They will often stop at a stonecrop plant to drink the water that gathers in the leaves (which have a cup-like shape for many sedum varieties). Sometimes, birds will bite pieces out of the leaves in the process of getting their fill of water.

house finch bird
Some birds (like house finches) will eat stonecrop.

Some types of stonecrop (such as Chinese Sedum) are especially attractive to birds, due to their flowers.

Do Chickens Eat Stonecrop?

Chickens will sometimes eat stonecrop if given the chance (and if they can’t find anything better). In fact, Washington State University suggests including stonecrop as part of a chicken friendly garden.

Chickens eat lots of plants, and stonecrop is no exception.

Remember that chickens will eat a wide variety of plants – and sedum is no exception! If you include enough other delicious plants in your garden, chickens will probably forget about the stonecrop – or at least leave it alone (most of the time).

What Else Eats Stonecrop?

In addition to animals, there are some insects that may eat stonecrop on occasion. For example, slugs will sometimes eat stonecrop.

black slug
A slug is one possible culprit if stonecrop has holes in the leaves.

One telltale sign is the jagged holes they leave behind on the foliage. Diatomaceous earth is one possible treatment to repel slugs from your plants.

Aphids are another insect pest that might chew on your stonecrop. To remedy this, spray them off the plant with a stream of water (but this method may only provide temporary fix!)

Aphids multiply fast and might eat stonecrop in some cases.

Other insects like mealybugs, nematodes, scale, weevils, and ants may also chew on sedum at times.

What Eats Sedum Roots?

Root aphids are white aphids that feed on the roots of plants. When they feed on stonecrop, they cause yellow leaves, stunted growth, and wilted plants.


Now you have a better idea of what creatures eat stonecrop and what might be chewing away at yours.

I hope you found this article helpful.  If so, please share it with someone who can use the information.

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