Hisea Boots Review (Hisea Ankle Outdoor Work Boots: Pros & Cons)

Disclosure: I accepted a pair of Hisea boots from the company, free of charge – below is my honest review with the pros and cons. Both the good and bad are included, so here we go!

I spend a lot of time in the garden, and there are chickens to take care of, too. So, there is plenty of dirt and muck to deal with, especially on rainy days.

A good pair of waterproof work boots is essential for me – and my old pair was starting to get a little worn out. This always happens after enough “wear & tear”, even for a high-quality pair (see below).

Old Worn Boots
My old boots were starting to get worn and torn, so I welcomed the opportunity to test out a new pair.

So, when Hisea offered to send me a brand-new pair to test out and review, it made sense to give them a try. I would say I am a “power user” of garden boots, since I wear them almost every day of the year.

The question is, are Hisea Ankle Outdoor Work Boots up to the task? I tested a pair of Hisea’s boots with some typical garden work to find out what they’re made of. Here’s what I think.

Hisea Boots In Box
Hisea’s Ankle Outdoor Work Boots in a newly opened box (picture taken September 25, 2023).

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Hisea Boots Review (Hisea Ankle Outdoor Work Boots)

In this review, I am only focusing on the Hisea Ankle Outdoor Work Boots (for gardening) that I received. (They have lots of other options here if you are interested).

Overall Opinion

My overall opinion is: this is a good pair of boots! They are sturdy and well-made, especially considering the price point and warranty (more on the warranty below).

The lower (rubber) part of the boot is both waterproof and well-insulated against cold. The top part is more flexible so that you can move, bend over, and do gardening tasks without stiff boots stopping you.

My one wish is that there was a little more heel padding for heavy lifting (more on that later).

Just remember: what works best for you will depend on your use for the boots. If you spend lots of time moving around, you probably want a lighter, more comfortable pair. If you get deep into the mud for shorter periods of time, a thicker, taller pair is the way to go (Hisea has lots of options either way).

Hisea Boots Checking Blueberries
I was checking on a new blueberry plant as part of my daily chores when testing out the Hisea boots.

Size & Fit

I wear a size 11.5 sneaker. This particular boot (Ankle Outdoor Work Boot) does not come in half sizes, so Hisea sent me a size 12. I wasn’t sure how they would work out, since a half-size can make a big difference for fit.

I think the larger size was a good thing. The boots are loose enough for my feet to breathe, but snug enough that they don’t feel like they are falling off. Tightening the drawstrings at the ankles also helps to keep them in place (without cutting off circulation!)

Personally, I would rather have boots that are a little loose, rather than too tight. I think the size 11 would have been too snug for me.

Hisea Boots Outside
The boots I tested don’t come in half sizes, but I think the half-size above mine (12) was a good choice.

Remember that having the boots a little looser also makes them easier to take off hands-free (which is nice when you are carrying vegetables inside).

Some online reviews say that Hisea’s sizes run a bit large (that is, if you are normally a size 12, then Hisea’s size 12 might be a little too big for you).

Note: if your boots end up a little too big, you can wear thicker socks to make up for it. The only time this becomes a problem is in the summer, when it is hot and you don’t really want thick socks.

***If you are unsure about sizes, you can get in touch with Hisea to get an idea, or find their size chart here).

Design & Construction

The bottom part (sole) of the boot seems to be very good quality. The material is stiff to absorb shock, prevent punctures from rocks, and maintain durability over time.

The material also has grooves on the sole to help with traction (there is a picture of this further into the review). This is good if you have to walk on a smooth, slippery surface (like a patio).

Hisea Boots Front - Top Folded Down
The bottom part of the boot (the sole – you can see it at the front) is stiff and durable.

The middle part of the boot is made of rubber, and seems to be of good quality. The rubber is more flexible than the bottom part, but still waterproof.

The upper part is the most flexible, which makes it easy to put the boots on and move around. There is an option to fold the top part down (for a somewhat shorter boot) or fold it up and tie it (for a tighter fit and to keep dirt or water out).

Hisea Boots Side - Top Folded Down
You can fold the top part down to get a slightly shorter boot (or to grab the loop strap on the back to help you take the boot off).
Hisea Boots Side - Top Folded Up
You can also fold the top part up and tie it with the drawstring to get a tighter fit and to help keep dirt or water out.

Use & Comfort (Feel)

The boots are comfortable to walk in, thanks to the flexible upper part (ankle). Still, the bottom part (rubber) is solid enough to resist damage.

I had no trouble walking comfortably through the yard, garden, and compost pile.

Hisea Boots In Compost
The boots are comfortable and sturdy enough that I can easily walk in the garden, through compost, in the woods, and through the mud.

There was a small puddle in the woods behind the house after the rain. So of course, I decided to put the boots to another test.

I waded into the puddle and waited 5 minutes while I texted a friend. No moisture got into the boots, so, yes, they are waterproof – no problem there!

Hisea Boots In Puddle
It turns out that the boots stood up to the puddle test, so I’m confident that they are waterproof (up to the top of the rubber part). If you need taller boots or waders, Hisea has those too.

The weather was a little raw and chilly when I tested the boots, due to the rain (and it being so close to the end of October). But, the boots kept my feet warm without making them sweaty.

My one complaint is that I need more padding in the heel for very heavy wheelbarrow pushing work. To be fair, I had about 300 pounds of chicken grain and fertilizer from the feed store in the wheelbarrow, so it was pretty hard to push, and I could feel the hard part of the boot digging into my heel.

The solution is probably for me to be a little smarter about it and just load the wheelbarrow with a little less weight, but I thought I would point it out.

Special Features

There are some nice things about these boots that are easy to overlook. So, I wanted to talk about some of the special features here.

Loop Strap

First of all, I like that the loop strap on the back of the boots is on the inside. If the strap were on the outside, it would be too easy to get the loop caught on a branch, thorn, etc. while gardening (which would either stop you short when walking or possibly damage the boot). So, good thinking on this one Hisea!

Fold-Up Top

The option to fold the top part of the upper section of the boot up or down is a great idea. My old pair of boots didn’t have this option – the upper part was just one piece of rubber that you couldn’t fold down at all. Nor could you tighten the old pair at all.

Hisea Boots Side - Top Folded Down
This shows the boots with the top part
of the upper section folded down.
Hisea Boots Side - Top Folded Up
This shows the boots with the top part
of the upper section folded down.

Sometimes, you want to close up top of the boot (when it is rainy, snowy, and muddy), but sometimes you want a slightly shorter boot (when you need more range of motion). This boot offers both in one, which is nice to see.


I also like the drawstring at the top of the upper part of the boot (when folded up). I appreciate this choice for waterproof pants and sweatpants, so why not have the option for boots?

Hisea Boots - Drawstring
The drawstring at the top lets you tighten up the opening to keep dirt and water out.

The drawstring helps you to get a tighter boot fit if that is what you want. It also provides a kind of “seal” to keep dirt, mud, rain, and snow out.

Sometimes, my old pair of boots would get a small pebble inside, which got uncomfortable when walking. Then I had to take the boot off, shake the pebble out, and put the boot back on. I think the drawstring will help to prevent this problem or avoid it altogether.

Other Features

The side of the box for these boots also lists some of the other features:

Hisea Boots - Comfort Topline
The comfort topline (where the middle rubber part meets the upper flexible part) is curved and gives you more flexibility.
  • 5mm neoprene – this material is flexible and comfortable to insulate against cold and absorb shock.
  • Mesh lining – made of breathable material so air can get in to keep your feet dry (without this, your feet will sweat and stay wet, which is not good for foot health if you are wearing your boots for many hours per day).
  • Comfort topline – this part (where the middle meets the top) is curved and stretchy for improved range of motion.
  • Adjustable closure – a drawstring at the top lets you tighten the boot opening to keep dirt and water out.
  • Rubber exterior – 100% waterproof, which is important in rain, snow, and in the mud. I tested this out in a puddle with a few inches of water (see above) and it works!
  • Anti-slip outsoles – the material on the sole of the boot has grooves for improved traction.
Hisea Boots Tread - Bottom
The grooves on the sole improve traction so you don’t slip, especially when walking on a smooth, slippery surface like a patio.

Durability & Protection

As I said earlier, I tested the boots and they are watertight. They are tall enough to wade into several inches of mud or water safely.

The rubber bottom portion of the boot is sturdy, but there are no steel toes in this particular model (Hisea does have some models with steel or composite toes).

I don’t know how long the boots will last – but the construction seems sturdy, and the materials feel strong. I will come back in a year (today is September 25, 2023) to revise this article and see how they are holding up.

Warranty & Replacement

I have to note that Hisea offers a remarkable warranty. All you need to do is register your purchase (you can do that here).

First, there is a 1-year warranty for any reason, including ordinary wear and tear.

After that, there is an incredible 100-year warranty: Hisea offers one replacement for an item if it is damaged or broken by accident.

I wouldn’t expect any boots to last for a century with normal wear and tear, so I think this is a reasonable warranty.

Adventurer’s Program

This envelope was included in the box when I opened it up:

Hisea Boots In Box

Inside the envelope is a card that explains the benefits of membership in the Adventurer’s Program, which I thought was a nice touch.

The perks include:

  • Access to the lifetime warranty (which I mentioned earlier)
  • Points earned for every purchase
  • Receive notifications for discounts and sales

I think this program is a great fit (sorry for the pun!) if you go through a lot of boots, or if you need multiple different products (e.g. work boots, garden boots, fishing waders, tool pouches, etc.)

Where To Buy Hisea Boots

If you are interested, you can buy Hisea boots (along with other gear, such as tool pouches and fishing waders) from:

***Note: you might also be able to find a pair of Hisea boots on eBay or elsewhere, but make sure you trust the seller. Also, remember that you might void the warranty by purchasing outside of authorized sales channels.

Company Background

Want to learn more about Hisea? They started in 2011, so they have been operating for over a decade. They focus on boots for outdoors (gardening, hunting, farming, etc.) and for other purposes (such as construction, health care, or food service).

Hisea offers ankle boots, mid-calf boots, and tall boots. There are leather boots and also models with steel or composite toes (if you need the extra protection for construction work).

You can learn more about Hisea here.


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