Gardener Interview #2 (PetsMond)

Hello gardeners – I’m back with the 2nd in this series of interview posts. I set out to talk to gardeners who have blogs or YouTube channels.

I wanted to learn more about them, their interests, what kind of content they create, how they got started with gardening, and more.

Below, you can read our second interview with Sowmya Sankaran, who runs the blog PetsMond.


1. What is your name and location?

My name is Sowmya Sankaran from India. 

Here is my Facebook page if you would like to get in touch:

Also, feel free to visit the about page of my site just in case you need more info.

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2. What is the name of your website/channel, and what topics does it focus on?

I own, where I write about care for rabbits, hamsters, and birds like parakeets, budgies, and cockatiels.

However, as I’m more into plants and coexistence, I have written about plants and animals. Going forward, I may be writing further about plants.

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3. What is an interesting fact about you?

I’m a blogger who loves to change the world with my words. I believe that content is powerful. I’m keen on promoting coexistence and compassion. I believe that animals and plants are critical parts of our ecosystem, and talking about them on blogs/videos can initiate a massive change.

I run an animal shelter here and have rescued/rehabilitated 100s of animals in the last nine years. I share my space with 30 rescued animals/birds and lots of plants/trees at the moment. I’m also setting up a herb garden in the next couple of months to make life self-sufficient.

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4. What is an interesting fact about gardening that not many people know?

Gardening is therapeutic. Who said that gardening is a hobby or a business? It is a therapy, and I strongly believe that people should get into gardening even with as low as 10sqft at home. Oh, you can even hang plants and kickstart your garden. See how things change! 

As a psychotherapist, I encourage my clients to connect more with greenery, and it can promote happiness and positivity in life.

5. What is your favorite topic in gardening? What got you interested in that topic?

My favorite topic is perennial plants. I love and follow sustainability and minimalism. Perennial plants are sustainable and require moderate maintenance. Oh, I can’t miss mentioning how much I believe in and promote setting up food forests. I think everyone should try it! 

6. What is your favorite plant? Why?

Money plant is my favorite, and I grow a lot of them at home. Money plants don’t need huge maintenance schedules. Give them good nutrition, and that’s it! They can create a green patch that can make you fall in love! 

Here is an article I wrote about money plants and rabbits – Can rabbits eat money plants?

7. What is your gardening nemesis?

Squirrels and our dogs! Oh, they’re friends to some. 

8. What is the biggest gardening mistake you have made? What did you learn from it?

Gardening is not for everyone. I mean it! Especially when you’re living with animals, it’s essential to plan better strategies to protect your plants.

Also, I learned how to grow plants that can attract birds like parrots and add peace to the ecosystem. Otherwise, I would have chosen plants that would benefit just me.

9. What is your favorite gardening gear? Why?

Shovels and water can. They’re vital to me. To everyone who has a garden too!

10. What is your favorite gardening article/video on your site/channel?

I’ve two favorite articles relating to succulents.

Can bunnies eat succulents?

Are succulents good for hamsters?

I’m planning to add succulents and bonsai to my list very soon. So, knowledge about succulents will help in managing my animals and birds. 

11. Are there any gardening blogs, apps, YouTube channels, Pinterest pages, etc. that you like?

I follow a lot of channels and blogs to get some basic information about when a plant is affected by weeds. Otherwise, I rely more on experience.

12. How many posts/videos do you have on your website/channel?

I’ve about 65 posts on the site at the moment. 

13. How many posts/videos do you create per week/month?

After quite a long gap, I’m back to writing 2-3 articles/week.

14. How long have you been interested in gardening?

Since my childhood 🙂 

15. How many different types of plants do you have?

At least 25.

16. Is there anything else about gardening or your website/channel you would like to mention?

Nothing much! 

Sowmya, thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

If you want to check out Sowmya’s posts on pets and gardening, you can find them here.

You can also check out Sowmya’s video of a day at a plant nursery here.

I hope you enjoyed this gardener interview, and I hope you learned something interesting today. Check back soon for more interviews!

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