20 Best Gardening Gifts for Under $10

Are you on a tight budget and looking for Christmas gifts for the gardener in your life?  Look no further – in this article, I put together a list of 20 gifts for gardeners that cost less than $10.

Some of the gifts on this list are for everyday use, while others are for decoration.  Even if you don’t know much about gardening, you should be able to find a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank – here’s the list.

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes Cover

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes

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20 Best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners Under $10

You can find all of the items on this list for less than $10.  However, you can spend more if you like, or you can combine a few less expensive gifts to put in a stocking.

The main purpose of this list is to inspire you with gift ideas the season, even if you choose to make your own gifts.

To make for easier browsing, the list is split into these categories:

  • Seed Starting
  • Garden Tools & Equipment (Gardening Gear)
  • Education & Knowledge
  • Food Preservation
  • Indoor Gifts
  • Garden Decorations

Let’s start off with seeds and things to help them get started.

Seed Starting

Some gardeners choose to start seeds indoors before the growing season starts, instead of buying transplants.  The gifts in this category will help with an early start, which is especially helpful in cold areas where the growing season is short.

1. Seeds

Without seeds, there is no garden.  Before you add fertilizer, water, or anything else, you need to know what you want to plant and buy your seeds.

Seed packets are a great idea for a gift to a gardener.  Some vegetable favorites include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Peas
  • Onions
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
tomato seedling
With tomato seeds, you can start your won plants indoors to extend the growing season.

Another option is to give flower seeds.  Flowers will attract bees and make the garden more beautiful.  Here are some flower favorites that would be welcome in a garden:

  • Pansies
  • Tulips
  • Sunflowers
  • Lilies
  • Violets
  • Orchids

You can find seed packets at a local garden center (they might be seasonal though!).  You can also order seed packets online.

Some seed packets are expensive, but many will only cost a few dollars.  So, you can mix and match a few different ones while keeping your cost under $10.

Just be aware that there can be a big difference in how long seeds will last.  Some can last as long as 5 years and still sprout just fine.

Most seeds will remain viable for at least a year.  For more information, check out my article on how long seeds last.

I don’t think any gardener every complained about having too many seeds, so this gift is a go-to!

2. Seed Trays

Seed trays are a great option for the gardener who wants to start seeds indoors, instead of buying established plants.  (If you aren’t sure, just ask in casual conversation to avoid ruining the surprise!)

A seed tray holds soil so that you can plant seeds indoors and move them around easily.  You can also find seed trays that hold several smaller individual containers.

seed tray
A seed tray helps with seed starting indoors.

For example, the combination of a seed tray and a 10-pack of pots will cost less than $10 after taxes at the Greenhouse Megastore.

You can even find seed trays with separate compartments (cells).  With these trays, each developing plant grows apart from the others, so their roots don’t get tangled.

You can also find biodegradable seed trays for a gardener who wants to go totally green.  Either way, a seed tray makes a great gift for beginner or experienced gardeners alike.

Garden Tools & Equipment (Gardening Gear)

Some of this equipment is essential for the casual and dedicated gardener alike.  Other tools on the list are nice to have, or make gardening work more pleasant.

3. Kneeler (Knee Saver)

Whether you have good knees or not, kneeling in the garden for a long time to plant seeds or pull weeds can take a toll!

A padded kneeler will help to reduce pressure on the knees.  This is especially useful for a gardener who has a big garden and spends lots of time planting and pulling weeds.

Harbor Freight has a kneeling pad for less than $5.  You could buy a pair for a gardening couple and stay under your budget of $10, or just buy one and combine it with another gift (such as a seed packet).

4. Seed Spacing Tool (Seed Spacer)

Leaving enough space between seeds is important because each plant needs enough room to grow.  If you plant seeds too close together, the plants will compete for water and nutrients, and their roots might get tangled.

Measuring the distance between seeds with a tape measure or ruler is possible, but it can be a little annoying.  Also, it can be difficult to get seeds into the right place when they are really small (like carrot seeds, which are hard to work with).

The solution is a seed spacing tool!  This tool from Park Seed tells you how far apart to plant your seeds, and it provides holes to make for easier planting.

Friends don’t let friends plant seeds without a seed spacer!

5. Garden Organizer (Tool Belt or Pouch)

“Well, I found all of my garden tools without having to look for them.”  Have you ever heard a gardener say that?  Me neither – unless they have a system to keep things organized.

A garden organizer is just the thing to keep all of the small garden tools together.  Smaller tools are easy to misplace (or accidentally bury!), so a garden organizer will save time and frustration.

Organized gardeners will love this gift, since it will help them to keep things even neater.  Forgetful gardeners will also love it, since they won’t need to wander around the garden looking for lost tools!

Harbor Freight has a tool organizer available for under $10 here.

6. Pruning Snips

Most gardens have at least one plant that needs pruning.  For example, you might need to trim overgrown indeterminate tomato vines, old canes on raspberry bushes, or branches on fruit trees.

Pruning snips are great for any of these purposes.  Even if this gift is a duplicate, it is nice to have a spare, just in case the other one gets broken or misplaced.

pruning shears
Pruning snips are good for keeping tomatoes, raspberries, fruit trees, and other plants trimmed nicely.

You can also add a cleaning kit and a small bottle of oil to help keep the pruning snips from rusting away.

WalMart has a pair of pruning shears by Fiskars here.

7. Trowel

A trowel is a necessary for any gardener, unless his hands are sharp and made of steel.  A trowel is useful for digging holes, removing stubborn weeds, and anything in between.

garden trowel
A trowel is a must have for any gardener.

Beginner gardeners will definitely need a trowel.  Experienced gardeners may already have a trowel, but they will never turn up their noses at an extra one (especially if they tend to lose things).

Lowe’s has a steel trowel available for under $5 here.

8. Gloves

Gloves are not absolutely necessary for gardening.  However, I am a big fan of anything that leads to less bleeding and swearing in the garden.

Gloves will prevent cuts from sharp tools and scrapes from briars or thorns, among other hazards.  This is a good thing for new gardeners who have not yet developed tough hands.

garden gloves
Gardening gloves help to protect your hands from thorns and sharp tools.

Gloves also keep your hands clean.  This makes it easier to clean up after spending a day in the garden.

This is also a great gift for tougher, more experienced gardeners.  You know the ones – they would never buy gloves themselves and admit that they are actually really nice to have around!

Harbor Freight has a pair of leather work gloves for under $10 here.

9. Apron

A gardening apron will keep dirt off your clothes while you are planting seeds, pulling weeds, or harvesting your produce.  An apron with a pouch is even better, since you can carry more tools or vegetables as you go along.

You can find a reasonably priced apron from Ace Hardware.

10. Grow Bag

Grow bags are versatile enough to be used for many different purposes in many places.

They can be used inside the house or outdoors.  You can even plant them directly in the ground if you want.

Grow bags can be reused for years, as long as they are cared for properly.  For more information, check out my article on why to use grow bags.

As an added bonus, grow bags can be used to hold other gifts, acting as a “stocking” of sorts for your gardener’s other gifts!

You could buy 4 of these grow bags for under $10 at 247garden.com.

11. Soil Test Kit

A soil test kit is a smart choice for a gardener who is just getting started.  In the first year, it is a good idea to test the soil to see if the pH or nutrient levels are within an acceptable range.

A soil test kit can also be helpful for a gardener who is having a problem with a particular crop in a particular area of the garden.

For more information, check out my article on what a soil test tells you.

Education & Knowledge

Inexperienced gardeners may need some guidance to get started, but even seasoned hands can learn from a good book.

More established gardeners might have an interest in specialized knowledge on how to grow exotic plants, either indoors or outdoors.

Of course, hydroponics is getting more popular, so information on this topic could also be a big hit.

You can also opt to buy an audiobook on as a gift for someone, so that he can listen and learn on the go (or in the garden).

12. Books

There are tons of gardening books available online, at bookstores, or at library book sales.  In fact, it is almost overwhelming to consider them all!

To sort through all of those books, start at the level your gardener is at.  A beginner does not need to learn about pruning established trees (yet!).  However, a gardener with a small fruit tree orchard would love to have that information.

Next, think about the specific interests of your gardener.  You could buy a book related to a plant that they already grow.  You could also buy a book to get them started with a plant they are curious about.

Of course, you can always give the gift of the old standby classic: the annually updated Old Farmer’s Almanac.  You can find it at WalMart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or at the Farmer’s Store.

There is no shortage of gardening books.  The biggest challenge is choosing just one!

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes Cover

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes

A complete reference and an ultimate guide that teaches you everything you need to know about potato selection, planting, care, harvest, and storage.

13. Garden Planner & Calendar

Every gardener can benefit from being more organized.  A garden planner and calendar will help to keep track of the information that helps to grow a better garden.

There is a lot to remember in a garden: crop rotation, planting schedule, ordering seeds, and so on.  Having one place where you can find all of the information really helps to keep track of everything.

You can even decorate an ordinary notebook to customize it with pictures or whatever else you think your gardener would like.

A garden planner is helpful for keeping track of what you planted and how well it grew in each location.

Etsy has lots of garden planners or calendars available for under $10, such as this one.

Food Preservation

When the growing season draws to a close, successful gardeners will have enough of a harvest to put food on the table and also share with others.  If the harvest is truly bountiful, they may want to preserve some of their bounty.

14. Canning Equipment (Jars, Lids, and Bands)

Canning is one way to preserve garden produce without freezing or drying it.  This involves processing and cooking the produce and putting it into jars with lids (called canning).

A novice gardener may not have any of this gear yet, and established gardeners always seem to be looking for more of it.

mason jars
You can preserve lots of food if you have enough glass jars, bands, and lids.

You can find canning equipment online, at garden centers, and at hobby or craft stores.  WalMart has a 12-pack of Ball brand glass jars available here.

15. Pickling Spices

We all know that you can turn cucumbers into pickles with the right spices (and some vinegar).  However, less common knowledge is that you can pickle lots of other vegetables as well, including green beans, tomatoes, and carrots.

Some vinegar and a few packets of pickling spices can be a great way to encourage a gardener to save more of his produce.  WalMart has pickling spice mix available here for only a few dollars.

16. Herb Drying Rack

An herb drying rack is a great addition to any kitchen.  This goes double if your gardener grows his own herbs, either indoors or outdoors.

If your gardener grows herbs in the kitchen, this gift might find a place of honor right next to the pots that hold the parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme plants!

You may be able to find a used herb drying rack for under $10.  You could also build a custom one yourself if you are crafty!

Indoor Gifts

These gifts are meant for the great indoors, and they are great for those who want something green to care for during the cold winter months.

17. Potted Plants

You can always find small potted plants for $5 to $10.  Some of the larger ones are more expensive.

If you want to get lots of potted plants, check out the clearance rack at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  There are plants to be had for cheap – sometimes as low as 25 cents!

Some of the plants on the clearance rack are in rough shape.  However, if you have a green thumb, you might be able to coax them back to life and give them as a gift once they recover their vigor.

You can keep potted plants in any room in the house, as long as there is enough light.  However, there are some low-light plants that will do just fine in darker rooms, such as:

If the plants are in clay pots, you can paint them or add a message to personalize the gift for your gardener.

Garden Decorations

Last but not least, we have garden decorations.  These make a garden more beautiful and inviting for the gardener and visitors alike.

18. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones add an interesting landscape feature to your yard.  They also make the space more inviting.

You can also use stepping stones to line a path and keep younger children out of the rows where plants are growing.

You can customize blank stones (let your kids paint them!) to give them a more personal touch.

19. Plant Labels

Plant labels come in many forms, such as small stones and metal or plastic “signposts”.  Plant labels help to keep track of what was planted in a garden location, just in case there is any confusion later on.

This is helpful because different plants have different requirements in terms of water and fertilizer.  It can be hard for a beginner gardener to tell the difference between plants before they are more established.

Etsy has custom wooden plant markers available for only a couple of dollars each.

Another option is to buy blank plant labels and decorate them yourself to personalize your gift.  You could even make your own labels if you are crafty.

20. Wind Chimes

You can put wind chimes anywhere you want in the garden.  The pleasant sound pairs well with a pleasant cooling breeze in the middle of a hot summer.

wind chime
Wind chimes could be a great addition to a garden.

You might make your own wind chimes if you are crafty, but you can probably find some for less than $10 if you look around.

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes Cover

The Complete Guide To Growing Potatoes

A complete reference and an ultimate guide that teaches you everything you need to know about potato selection, planting, care, harvest, and storage.


Now you have some ideas for gifts for gardeners that won’t leave you with huge bills to pay after Christmas.  Hopefully, this list also gave you some inspiration and new ideas for gifts.

If you’re looking for a gift for a beginner gardener, check out this article on gifts for first-time gardeners.

If you have a more experienced gardener on your list, then check out my article on gifts for older gardeners.

You might also be interested in my article on gardening gifts for under $50.

I hope you found this article helpful.  If so, please share it with someone who can use the information.

If you want to read some of my most popular posts, check out the “Best of GreenUpSide” page here.  Enjoy!


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