Plants From Jason’s Garden

Here are some from Jason’s garden this year, many of which are edible.

willow at Jason's
Here is a willow that has some nice color contrast.
bush cherry at Jason's
Here is a bush cherry growing along the outskirts of the garden fence.
peaches & cream honeysuckle (lonicera) at Jason's
This honeysuckle plant (Lonicera) is of the “Peaches and Cream” variety.
grapes at Jason's
The grape vines looks healthy, with plenty of fruit already getting started.
heart nut walnut at Jason's
Here is a heart nut (walnut) tree near the back fence.
mulberry tree at Jason's
This mulberry tree (center frame) looks healthy.
African blue daisies at Jason's
This African Blue Daisy grows under the watchful eyes of a garden gnome.
geranium at Jason's
Here we have a geranium growing against the garden fence.
borage at Jason's
This borage is also growing against the garden fence.
buckwheat at Jason's
A garden gnome is keeping an eye on this buckwheat.
columnar apple at Jason's
This columnar apple doesn’t take up much space, since the branches want to grow vertically rather than spread out horizontally.
tamarillo at Jason's
This tamarillo is just getting started. You can learn more about “tomato tree” here.
ground cherries at Jason's
These ground cherry plants will produce fruit that is edible when ripe.
wasabi radish at Jason's
This wasabi radish in the garden seems to be growing well.
dwarf maringa at Jason's
The Dwarf Moringa plant hails from India. It will stay short and compact.

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