Question 1 – Common Gardening Mistakes Quiz

Tomatoes are a classic in salads and in pasta or pizza sauces.

large tomatoes
Tomatoes go great in salad or pasta and pizza sauces. Of course, you can always eat tomatoes plain – it is so satisfying to bite into one!

Of course, as any gardener knows, the tomatoes you buy from the grocery store don’t even come close to what grows fresh in the garden.

However, when you grow your own tomatoes, you may run into some problems (and believe me, tomatoes have their fair share of problems!)

One of those problems is called blossom end rot (BER).

BER causes sunken, discolored spots at the bottom (blossom end) of tomatoes.

The same problem can also affect the fruit of pepper plants.

tomato blossom end rot
Blossom end rot (BER) affects tomatoes and pepper plants alike. Bummer!

The question is: does Epsom salt help to prevent or cure blossom end rot in tomatoes?